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We understand the industrial landscape

JWPM understands the industrial landscape

Marketing for technical products and services

JWPM Marketing for technical products

International trade consulting

JWPM international trade

Market scoping and research services

JWPM Marketing Scoping and market research

Integrated industrial branding

JWPM Form 2000 branding concept, designed by Belinda Stachowiak

Salesforce engagement and business development

JWPM salesforce engagement and business development

Technical writing and communication

JWPM technical writing and communication of b2b products in industry

Online marketing to generate enquiries and leads

JWPM online marketing and websites

Strategic planning to drive growth

JWPM strategic planning and growth

Industrial Strength Marketing

Australian marketing consulting firm providing business strategy and marketing services for over 23 years.

JWPM is recognised for providing depth of experience and quality of people with specific expertise in business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Marketing for organisations that sell goods or services to other businesses (B2B) is a largely different proposition to general consumer marketing (B2C).

At JWPM, we understand these differences and provide specially adapted, targeted strategic and industrial marketing services. We introduce independent, clear thinking to drive game changing growth for our clients.

Advice, Strategy & Planning

Game changing growth based on fresh strategic thinking and thorough internal & external strategic analysis.

Market Research & Analysis

Powerful market insights that inform business decision making.

Salesforce Engineering

Maximise the performance of your frontline sales team.

Tenders & Proposals

Maximise your likelihood of bid success through enhancing your proposal response documentation and production and improving your company bidding capacity and processes.

Brand Identity & Development

Reach target customers, contribute to a ‘defensible’ market positioning. Enhance and support existing sales and distribution networks.

Advertising & Promotions

Creative campaigns that cut through the clutter.

Website & Digital Marketing

Maximise your ROI on marketing spend. Digital marketing tools, techniques and advice that assist industrial clients build their businesses.

International Trade

Tap into international marketing expertise to open new markets, improve business process and/or supply chain efficiency.

Quality Systems & Certification

Develop your company QMS to enhance your sales and marketing effort, open new supplier relationships and meet customer needs.