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Growth focused strategic planning and business advice

At JWPM, we use our skills in market analysis, and experience with B2B marketing to help our clients build growth plans based on market fundamentals.

We like to base business strategy on answering the fundamental questions; where will future growth come from & how do we gear-up to win our share?

For the majority of industrial organisations, the company name IS the brand. Fundamentally the entire organisation is geared-up and focused on delivering a core set of products or services under the corporate brand. Major strategic decisions are rarely implemented that don't impact the wider organisation. For example, the decision to enter a new market will often require investment in new plant and equipment, recruitment of new personnel, and potentially restructuring the organisation.

JWPM Consultants include people from C-Suite corporate backgrounds. We've worked with many organisations developing business strategy that encompasses the full range of management disciplines (finance, organisational development, corporate structure, manufacturing, information systems etc.). Backed-up by our industry research capability, we provide a formidable team and capability to assist our clients develop growth oriented business strategy.

The market place now moves rapidly; strategic agility is essential for survival. For the majority of industrial organisations, a marketing strategy is really a business strategy that drives organisational change.

With business conditions being the most tumultuous we’ve seen for decades, it's time for you to think differently. JWPM has a reputation for working with business owners and executive management teams to evaluate their current organisational resources and capabilities - guiding them to build new directions, new growth strategies and problem solving plans.

“We assist companies navigate the B2B landscape, providing strategic advice that informs company direction and planning for growth. Our strategic planning is based on a comprehensive and realistic business assessment that translates to achievable and tangible action.”

Every strategic planning process is tailored to suit your business’ industry, and to suit your team’s culture and style. The result is a realistic, high level, growth oriented business strategy backed with a clear, outcomes-focused action plan.

We provide business advice and strategy in the following areas:

  • Business and strategy planning
  • Environmental assessment: Internal review, competitor analysis, customer analysis and industry trends
  • Business, and product line financial review and planning for growth
  • Business Mentoring
  • Advice on market positioning and brand strategy
  • Pricing, products and services, distribution and promotions strategy
  • Operational reviews
  • Sales organisation and capability reviews
  • Manufacturing/operations strategy
  • Organisational structure and business model
  • Business systems
  • Innovation

We are well equipped to understand your market place, the competitive environment, and help you to identify where growth will come from and how to reshape your organisation to achieve it.

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