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Market Research and Analysis

JWPM’s strategic marketing consultants are skilled at ferreting-out hard to get information and building analytical models that turn raw data into meaningful and useful information to support business decision making.

  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Competitor, market, environmental, regulatory
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Market segment analysis
  • Market and product concept testing
JWPM market research and analysis

JWPM undertakes competitor analysis, customer research, and market opportunity analysis – research that informs business marketing recommendations regarding which products and markets to pursue - and which to avoid – and how to best position your company in a competitive market place.

Amongst our skill sets and past experiences in the area of market analysis is market dimensioning. We'll calculate the market size, geographic spread and growth rates; and identify and prioritise market segments for almost any product or service. Our disciplined approach enables you to focus precious resources where you can achieve the best returns.