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Strategic Planning

23 years delivering strategic planning has taught us that
only one thing matters – growth.

  • Market Focused

  • Deep understanding of technical products and services

  • Business to business experts

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Experienced planning facilitators will guide your executive team toward developing a clear business strategy focused on growth opportunities

Developing business strategy is simply applied common sense.
So why do you need JWPM Industrial Strength Marketing to help you to develop your next strategic plan?

First and foremost, we offer…

  • Time

  • Process

  • Experience

  • Objectivity

  • Knowledge of your business and markets

  • Growth

  • Outcomes


The most precious resource in business is “time”. You don’t have it. Correction; you have time but it is maxed out.

With executive salaries already at high levels, organisations don’t have people sitting around with spare time to give strategic planning proper attention.

In the consulting business, we sell not just time, but also the ability to amplify our client’s resources by providing a tailored strategic planning process designed to extract corporate knowledge and ideas from an executive team and channel it into the development of business strategy.

Facts are, there is never a good time to do a strategic plan, other priorities forever take precedence – however, the longer you continue operating your business without a current strategic plan, the more time you are wasting.


Years of strategic planning experience (23 years) has allowed us to devise an efficient and effective planning process and tool kit.

After being briefed on your requirements and gaining insight into your business challenges, we will propose a tailor-made process to assist you to develop your strategic plan.

For clarity, it won’t be our strategic plan; it will be yours.


We’ve participated in more strategic planning processes than most executives; it’s what we do.

The process (along with our other consulting work) has exposed us to the machinations of many and varied business and corporate ecosystems allowing us to accumulate valuable transferrable knowledge.

Engaging JWPM allows you to leverage our experience to arrive at a high-quality outcome via the shortest path possible.


At JWPM we operate to an imperative principal; “it’s not who is right that is important; what is right is critical.”

Too often the evolution of organisations is impaired by personalities, power struggles, politics and untethered sacred-cows. Being outsiders allows us to focus on the truth and strip away corporate noise; ignoring rhetoric resulting in a refreshingly clear perspective allowing the truth to emerge.

However, while encouraging robust discussion, we execute facilitation respectfully, inclusively and guide management teams toward consensus.

We are skilled planning facilitators; everyone leaves our planning meetings knowing that they have been heard, have participated in the decision making and understand how the plan evolved.

Knowledge of your business and markets

We understand business-to-business organisations and we understand “technical stuff”.

We are not fazed by three-phase-power, VSD’s, IP addresses, Reynold’s number, SKU’s, inferior vena cava, deoxyribonucleic acid, stacker-reclaimers, embedded operating systems, or pre-stressed concrete. We aren’t experts in our client’s fields. However, we don't glaze over when talk gets technical.

We work with organisations of all sizes from proprietor-centric businesses founded by subject matter experts to global businesses fully equipped with mature structures and business systems.

Our client exposure includes low tech to high-tech - IT, medical, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, contracting, defence, engineering, and component supplier organisations (and others).

We understand contracting, tendering, business development, finance, corporate structure, capital raising, shareholders, stakeholders – the full spectrum of business processes, departments, and activities. When we stand in the room with your senior executive team to facilitate the strategic planning process, we will understand what you are talking about and have an opinion about how it can be improved.

Most importantly, we will have done the homework and arrive fortified with an independent view of your business, your competitors and your market place – before we start the planning process.


23 years undertaking strategic planning has taught us that only one thing in business matters – growth.

A compelling strategic plan has at its focus – growth. Where can you find growth and what actions are required to crystalise value, driving sustainable bottom line performance?

At JWPM – our view of the world is through marketing lenses. There is no shortage of strategic planning facilitators out there, but very few like JWPM.

Please don’t think that we are ‘just” marketers; we understand the difference between balance sheet, P&L, cash-flow, HR development, integrated management systems, operations, innovation, corporate governance and all the components that comprise business.

BUT! Our firm belief is the shape of business is driven by the market; a market focused game plan with clearly defined goal posts will motivate your team to perform at its best.

As a strategic marketing company, our core skill is analysing the market place to identify the low hanging fruit.


Even for the world’s largest organisation, the game plan should fit one page.

A mission statement – what business are you in?
A clear simple vision – where are you aiming?

Backed-up by 6 to 12 big picture strategic objectives – how are you going to get there? The evidence and the back story can be as complex as it needs to be.

We can embroider the strategy with culture, philosophy, purpose statements and similar, to tick the “management speak” box. But the game plan will be clear and not obfuscated with a lot of wordage, verbiage, and carefully chosen and over-worked phraseology so beloved of consultants the world over.

If you are in the market for clear thinking, call our Principal Justin Wearne on 0414 744 481.

We might be a marketing company, but we understand how organisations are structured and operate. Our strategic plans address all relevant organisational development issues.

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Justin Wearne

Justin Wearne

Principal Consultant

Justin is a technology marketer with over 30 years’ experience working in the b2b space helping technology and technical companies identify markets and develop strategic plans.

Fluent in a wide range of technologies, his ability to understand technical products and services and to match them to customers is unique. However, more unique is his well-rounded understanding of how businesses work from a business structure, HR management, business systems and financial perspective. He is equally comfortable talking to the production manager as the finance director. He has outstanding working knowledge of IT systems including application programming, network architecture and database management.

Justin has a working knowledge of construction, medicine, electronics, manufacturing, fabrication, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process control, biology, agriculture, and exposure to many other industries.

Of course, he isn’t an expert in these disciplines – but, he plays well with subject matter experts.

Greg Tunny

Greg Tunny

Principal Consultant

Greg headed-up the Australian Submarine Corporation as CEO.
Greg is a qualified physicist.

Greg has 30 years of diverse experience winning business and delivering customer solutions, in Australia and internationally, including; China, UK, Middle East and South East Asia. He has experience in defence & aerospace, information technology & software, shipbuilding/marine, advanced manufacturing, water infrastructure, industrial and medical devices sectors.

He has led a range of initiatives including: new ventures; new generation facilities and Lean manufacturing; product development and management; export sales and delivery of large technology projects/products; and technology transfer.

Greg’s past positions in industry include: business consulting and CEO/CTO roles with, Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd (Civil Contracting), Chief Executive Officer, Australian Submarine Corporation Ltd, Chief Executive Officer, Thales Air Traffic Management Pty Ltd, Managing Director Australia & Asia, ADI /Thales Australia, Director Business Development & Strategy and also General Manager Systems & Software, Vipac Engineers & Scientists Pty Ltd in several roles, the last as Manager NSW.

Joanne Koehne

Joanne Koehne

Marketing Consultant

Joanne is a marketing and project management specialist with a strong background and capability in B2B professional consulting services. She has a strong grounding in a commercial services environment, supporting organisational business development and sales objectives.

A conceptual thinker, Joanne is able to quickly grasp issues of critical relevance, to analyse industry dynamics and competitive positioning, and to develop a strategic company response.

She has high-level writing and editing skills in the development of various marketing communication materials, and has particularly specialised in recent years in the development of tender proposals and other formal responses to market across industries, including energy and resources; projects, construction and infrastructure; telecommunications, manufacturing and health.

Joanne brings disciplined project management skills and experience to the team with a demonstrated ability working within highly specialised and technical fields of expertise, with multiple stakeholders.