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Branding in industrial and B2B Markets

Some of our people in industrial organisation doubt the power of branding particularly with long lead time large value capital purchases.
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Getting gritty with sales plans

Planning is one of those things that people working in a business talk about lots. Everyone will yawn when that oft quoted phrase is trotted out ‘we need a business plan.’ Plans are great, but there is a big difference between plans that get done and plans that get forgotten. Let’s talk about sales plans, because sales plans, of all plans need to be gritty.
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Analysing the industrial sales organisation

The Sales Dimension model was developed by Justin Wearne for describing the B2B (or Industrial) selling situation; it forms the basis for a unique and powerful consulting tool. The Sales Dimension consulting process is delivered by JWPM Consulting, leaders in industrial sales and marketing in the Asia Pacific Region.
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World Sea Freight Trends

During after-work-drinks (Mid February 2009) with people who work within the Australian steel industry, the subject of the economy crisis inevitably arose. The conversation centred around the concept of ‘The Baltic Sea Index’ and the fact that a major steel producer relies on it to forecast demand.
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Business Pitch in India

My visit to India was in conjunction with the South Australian Premier’s Trade Mission organised by the South Australian Department of Trade. The trip included the Minister for Trade, (Hon.) Paul Holloway, about 30 South Australian Business People, and was facilitated by former Australian Test Cricketer Darren Lehmann as a special envoy.
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